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The dream of adventure, of faraway countries and of flying into space has accompanied me since my childhood. I reached a competitive level in skiing and sailing before I was finally allowed to hold my first own pilot’s license in my hand at the age of 16: in hang gliding. After graduating from high school, it was clear: I wanted to become a pilot.

On that basis, I set off, made it through the selection process at the German Armed Forces, enlisted there in 2004 and became Germany’s second female fighter pilot after Ulrike Fitzer. In 2015, I retrained on the Eurofighter – as one of three women in the German Air Force. At the same time, I studied aerospace engineering and trained as a paramedic.

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And so my adventure continues: After a stopover in management consulting and industry, I now work as a project manager for technology demonstrations of the Competence Center “Responsive Space” at the German Aerospace Center (DLR e. V.), as a lecturer for emergency and crisis management at the Carl Remigius University of Applied Sciences and as a keynote speaker.

Additionally, I am still doing my PhD, getting my pilot’s license as a professional helicopter pilot, giving keynotes all over Germany and continue to work on realizing my dream!

"My why? To make the lives of others better while having adventures of my own in the process."



Nicola joins the German Armed Forces Air Force and becomes a Tornado pilot and flight instructor


Nicola retrains on the Eurofighter and flies it as one of only three women in the German Air Force


Finalist of the “The Astronaut” initiative

Nicola is named “Thought Leader of the Year” by BCG 

Start of work as keynote speaker


Resignation from german Armed Forces as major in reserves

Worked as a full- and part-time paramedic

Management consultant with McKinsey & Co


In the “Who wants to be a millionaire gambler special” Nicola gets to the 12th question

SEIT 2021

Lecturer for crisis and emergency management at the Carl Remigius Medical School


Project Manager Responsive Space at the German Aerospace Center e. V.


Nicola joins ESA’s astronaut reserve


Doctor in aerospace engineering

Rescue helicopter pilot

Nicola flies to the moon

Please contact me for keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussions, podcasts or interviews – also in English.

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