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After graduating from high school, at the latest, it was clear to me that I wanted to become a pilot to fulfill my dream of adventure. Then I was brought back down to earth, because I was 5 cm too small for the training at Lufthansa. Nevertheless, I became Germany’s second female fighter pilot and almost Germany’s first female astronaut.

Today, many people ask me how I managed to do all that. It gives me great pleasure to share my experiences and to empower others. Currently more in demand than ever, is my expertise on the topics of crisis management in companies and employee motivation. 

I would be happy to share my fact-based and field-tested knowledge with you in presentations, workshops, panels or in a format tailored to your individual needs






I learned crisis and risk management in a fighter jet, determination and empowerment in astronaut training, and empathetic leadership at DLR. I didn’t just learn what I know, I experienced it.

And now I want to pass it on.


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Sooner or later, every company finds itself in exceptional situations – when this happens, it is important to have proven strategies at hand to master them.

These include routine risk analysis, precise crisis communication, a focus on the essentials and rapid decision-making.

After a decade as a fighter pilot, I know what you learn about stress, risk, crises and the path to success in the world’s fastest jets. After all, when seconds make the difference between life and death, momentous decisions must be made with proper thought under time pressure. Good decisions are made when they are prepared, clearly analyzed and then immediately put into practice. Focusing on the essentials and eliminating unnecessary information is an important guarantee for success. 

No matter how good your crisis management may be – you will achieve the greatest success if you make well-considered preparations even before the crisis!

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If you want to reach high, you have to learn how to deal with obstacles and setbacks – a self-confident appearance, keeping your own limits, unerring multitasking and prioritizing as well as a focus on the right and important things are essential.

In the process of realizing our dreams and goals, we also encounter obstacles and setbacks time and again. Sometimes on the outside – for example, I had to learn to assert myself as a second fighter pilot in the German Armed Forces – but sometimes on the inside. How do you manage to develop your full potential as a person and as a company, to assert yourself against competitors, to reinvent yourself again and again, to gather the courage for the next departure and, despite all your ambition, not to forget what really counts in life?

I would be happy to tell you how I maintain a healthy work-life balance with all my to-dos, goals and dreams, and which top motivation techniques help me to pick myself up again and again and start the day with power and energy.

Nicola Winter 2023 (c)Maren Richter (13)-min.jpg


Nowadays, even fighter pilots are led with empathy and respect – a new understanding of leadership is more necessary than ever. 

Outdated leadership cultures and hierarchies encourage mistakes in everyday work that can have serious consequences. Using concrete practical examples from my time as an officer and pilot in the German Armed Forces, as a consultant at McKinsey and from my research, I will show you how empathy and respect, trust and good communication help to minimize mistakes and promote performance as much as possible. In this way, you will achieve your corporate goals and promote the satisfaction of the entire workforce in the long term.

Topics for which I am particularly passionate: “Communication under pressure”, “Decision-making in critical situations”, “Focusing on what is important”, “Leadership at eye level” and “Self-management”.

Ask me for keynotes, workshops, panels, podcast or interviews – gladly also in English.

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