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South German newspaper Nicola Winter

🚀✨ Fresh from the Süddeutsche Zeitung: Let's talk about money! 💸... and why the plane doesn't care how cool you are 😎 I talked to Nils Wischmeyer and Kathrin Werner about Germany's future in space 🌌, my passion for space travel 🌠 and the financial challenges 💰.

Here are my highlights for you:

1. Flying into space is expensive... 💸

…but it's worth it. If I want to realize my dream and fly to the ISS 🛰️, it will cost 50 million euros. Unfortunately I don't even have them on the high edge. But once I'm up there, I can actively research 🔬 and collect exciting knowledge for humanity 🌍. So now I'm trying to figure out how I can make 50 million euros for companies in 10 days on the ISS, perhaps with research. Because my flight into space will probably have to be sponsored by companies 🤝.

2. Germany needs to put more energy into its space policy 🚀🇩🇪

We have sent 12 astronauts into space so far. When Amelie Schoenenwald and I were selected as ESA astronauts 🚀, we both thought that our big dream would now come true. But: Germany says that we already have 2 active astronauts. That's why we stay on the ground and are now ESA reserve astronauts. Germany is missing two big opportunities here: finally sending a German woman into space and perhaps also the chance to put a German astronaut on the moon 🌕. That's a real shame.

3. No, life as a fighter jet pilot is not like in “Top Gun” 🛩️

There are significantly more men than women among fighter pilots in the Bundeswehr (I, for example, was the second female German fighter jet pilot ever). But big egos have no place in the air. If you are too confident in your abilities, you will make mistakes - and every mistake up there can be fatal, for yourself and for others. The plane doesn't care how cool you are 😎.

That was just a little foretaste! You can read the whole interview here . It's about pocket money, part-time jobs, the salary as a consultant and as a paramedic - and who is really socially relevant for us!

The journey into space is exciting, worthwhile but also expensive. Smart commercial and government partnerships are needed and ideas are needed to realize our future, resources and cutting-edge research 🌌🔭.

A huge thank you to the Süddeutsche Zeitung for the inspiring and honest conversation! 📰❤️💫


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